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Dear America is the novel you will use for your Reading and Responding outcome. You will need to complete a variety of S/N activities and write a text response essay to complete this unit. Keep in mind that you might choose Dear America as the text you focus on for your exam.

This blogspace has been set up to enhance your study of the text and develop your language and writing skills. It is a collaborative space where you can share and discuss your learning. Perhaps most importantly, this allows you to conference and comment on each others' writing to improve your prowess as we get closer and closer to exam time. You can access the VCAA website for detailed assessment and exam information to build your knowledge of what is required in text response essays.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Handy Vietnam War Terms/Phrase

DEAR AMERICA – Active Viewing Activity

During the film it is presented to the audience that whilst serving in Vietnam during the war there were ‘handy phrases’ to know (approx. scene 15 as per your running sheet). This is also referred to in the book. These handy phrases are part of the unique vernacular of this particular war – something that you could possibly allude to in an essay. It is good to build a knowledge of what some of these ‘handy phrases’ are as they can work to enhance your discussion of the text in your SAC or for the exam.

- In your reading and responding section of your folder put the heading: DEAR AMERICA: ‘Handy Terms/Phrases’

- Create a glossary t-bar table:

- Look out for headings of some ‘handy phrases’ being displayed on the screen as you view the film, e.g., grunts. List them in your table

- Write the definitions of the terms/phrases in your table, e.g., zippo raid – soldiers set huts on fire with lighters. Use the glossary at the back of your text to help.

View fron start of clip at -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w05jLdzBuhk&feature=relmfu

Good internet glossary of Vietnam war terms and slang - http://www2.iath.virginia.edu/sixties/HTML_docs/Resources/Glossary/Sixties_Term_Gloss_D_J.html

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