'One thing worries me...will people...want to forget the whole thing happened?' Lt. J.G. Richard Strandberg

Landing Zone Pick Up

Dear America is the novel you will use for your Reading and Responding outcome. You will need to complete a variety of S/N activities and write a text response essay to complete this unit. Keep in mind that you might choose Dear America as the text you focus on for your exam.

This blogspace has been set up to enhance your study of the text and develop your language and writing skills. It is a collaborative space where you can share and discuss your learning. Perhaps most importantly, this allows you to conference and comment on each others' writing to improve your prowess as we get closer and closer to exam time. You can access the VCAA website for detailed assessment and exam information to build your knowledge of what is required in text response essays.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


1. Write down the chapter titles in order. (Without looking at the book)

2. Which chapters have these photographs at their beginning?
  • Men saluting coffins draped with American flags.

  • Soldier cradling fellow wounded soldier in his arms. (Close up)

  • Bare-chested soldier with bullet around his neck.

3. In which American city is the Vietnam Memorial Wall to be found?

4. Give 3/4 reasons as to why writing and receiving letters was so important to the American soldiers.

5. Write down some of the reasons you know the men expressed in their letters for fighting in Vietnam. (Why were they there?)

6. What factors made the Viet Cong such a difficult enemy to fight?

7. The American soldiers were fighting in an 'alien landscape'. What was the fighting landscape like and what were some of the difficult conditions and things the soldiers had to deal with?

8. Write the names of three men who wrote multiple letters in the text.

9. The men who wrote the letters were the authors of the text? What was his role?

10. Look, cover then write these words - soldiers, Saigon, Hanoi, communism, guerilla (warfare), democracy (democratic), patriotic, scared, scarred, unbearable. Did you misspell any? Work to learn them.

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