Congratulations MSC Yr 12 VCE cohort of 2012. You have had an exciting year so far which has been jampacked full of all types of learning. Your year in English is going to continue with the study of Dear America.

'One thing worries me...will people...want to forget the whole thing happened?' Lt. J.G. Richard Strandberg

Landing Zone Pick Up

Dear America is the novel you will use for your Unit 3 Reading and Responding outcome. You will need to complete a variety of S/N activities and write a text response essay to complete this first area of study. The essay will be your first SAC for the year and will account for 30% of your Unit 3 coursework mark. Also keep it in mind that you might choose Dear America as the text you focus on for the Reading and Responding section of your exam at the end of the year.

This blogspace has been set up to enhance your study of the text and develop your language and writing skills. It is a collaborative space where you can share and discuss your learning. Perhaps most importantly, this allows you to conference and comment on each others' writing to improve your prowess as we get closer and closer to exam time. You can access your VCE English study design at the VCAA website for detailed assessment and exam information.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Diigo Instructions (Version 1)

Diigo Instructions 2

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